Friday, November 27, 2009

Tesla Coils

OK... So this is just a little bit bigger than what I am looking for... just a little!!
Over the past couple of months I have spent a great deal of time searching the internet to find my way essentially into a place that I can understand just what it will take to create my own lightning generator. In fact two of them capable of streaming electric arcs of about four or five feet. All part of a vision I am in the process of bringing to life, starting with a proposal to Franconia Sculpture Park.
I have a few links to add here that seem to illustrate the size and performance of the coils I am thinking of...
Notes to myself more or less to find my way back to the budget page and start getting some numbers down as to what it will take to make this happen. The Tesla Coils no doubt will be the most expensive and challenging part of bringing it all together.
So... In no particular order, other than sorting through a couple of months worth of links; Here it goes...

The Model 5 from Tesla Technologies Research
This one seems like it would be perfect.

Bert Hickman's Teslamania; Stoneridge Engineering
WoW... This is one of the first sites I found. Info overload... I knew I had a lot to learn... and now my head was spinning!!

Scots Shop
Excellent easy to comprehend detailed descriptions for the beginner.

Tesla's Legacy
This site has an excellent layout for practical information.

Deep Fried Neon
I love this visual breakdown of the components.

Steve Conner's Amazing Tesla Coils
This image shows the concept I am looking for in using a ground post at the center of my Glass House.

Nevada Lightning Laboratory
This is where I want to be!! This is one of the first images that inspired me to turn to Tesla Coils for my installation. I discovered it over the summer when I was studying the physics of lightning... After all... the real thing was my first choice... however given the relatively small size of the park I felt I needed to find a way to incorporate my attraction to intense electrical power in a more contained fashion.

Information Unlimited Tesla Coil Plans & Kits
The BCT5 High Power Tesla Coil with 4' To 6' discharges... 1,500,000 Volt Floor Model... Well, looks pretty appealing, however by the photo it looks like the components are hidden. I kind of prefer a model that has transparent housing.

The Geek Group
Guess I never realized how much of a Geek I really am!!

Terry Blake III
Of all the interesting info... Terry gets first prize for...
HOTTEST guy on a Telephone Wire Pictures!!

Cheesehead Teslathon
Next time you guys have a party like this... I want to be there!!

Resonance Research
Did I mention... I have a lot to learn.

Alan comes highly recommended for Parts and Plans

Roger Smith
This is the first Video I saw on YouTube. Still one of my favorites...
I'm even starting to understand what he is talking about :-)

Kevin Eldredge
My next step is to build one at home... Thanks for the inspiration guys!!
From your kitchen tabletops to your own back yards... I have really had a lot of fun watching you all at work. Now it is my turn... and the best way for me to really figure out this foreign language you all speak!!

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